Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sierra Neblina: Night Time Work in the Containment Process

Today I would like to talk about some of the Night Time work that I have been doing. In a previous article published on July 6, I explained some definitions of Walk-Ins and the roles they are playing here on the planet. I explained that I am a Braided Walk-In and that I am here to help with the Ascension and some different roles in it. Today I want to go into more detail about some of those missions and specifically the missions in my Night Time work.
As a Native American Medicine Woman I was trained in many different aspects of what it meant to be a Dream Walker. I came into this body with pre-determined gifts, one of them being the ability to Dream Walk by where I can astral project to any place on the earth and take part in different aspects of the Human presence on Mother Earth. By that, I mean that I can help and assist in many important tasks facing humanity before, and leading up to the Shift.
As a child I had nightmares of the impending Earth Changes. In the early 70s the future was not as bright as it is today. Many people where still asleep. As a Starseed, the dreams drove me and served as a reminder of why I am here – to stop the then inevitable path of destruction that human beings were headed towards.
The dreams served to keep fresh in my mind the importance of my mission, and it kept me striving to help humanity in anyway I could. One of those ways, back then, was to be present during any massive loss of life or ripple in the consciousness of humans around the world.
For instance, when a major accident or natural disaster would happen, I in my dream time, would be astral projected to the scene to help to lessen the pain or even to help save lives. Take for instance a time when I was in High school.
One night I “awoke” into my dream and I was sitting on a train. I hadn’t ever been on a train, but it didn’t take too long before I looked around and made the observation that I was on a train. While I was working to clear my senses and to determine where I was, a person, a young girl was sitting to my right telling me all about how she was so excited to go to meet her grandmother and how she was able to ride the train for the first time by herself. She was quite proud of herself and proceeded to tell me all about her grandmother and where she lived.
It wasn’t too long before I realized that she was speaking French and I understood every word she was saying! I had taken some French – but I was not fluent. I whipped my head around to face the girl sitting next to me- she was, from what I could determine, no older than 12 and was very happy to be there. I smiled at her kindly, and she went on to talk more about her trip.
In an instant I was above the train and there was a terrible crash, metal crunching and scraping and there was screaming and a tremendous amount of pain. In the astral there is no separation from the whole, and what ever the people are feeling – I feel with no buffer. There was bright flash and then all was quite. I woke up screaming and sweating profusely. I couldn’t go back to sleep so I got up and went to help my mom put together breakfast.
My mother made it a habit to put the morning paper on the table for my dad, and also for me, so I could check it for articles on my team as I played basketball in school. When I saw the cover of the paper my face went white and I froze. On the cover was an article about a train that had de-railed in France.
The picture brought back the horror and pain of the dream the night before. In the article that we had in Denver they had said that many were dead and they had a picture of a little girl that had miraculously walked away from the wreck when all the passengers around her had been killed. They said she was 12 and was traveling alone. That did it! I fell to my knees. I realized that my mere presence had done something to contribute to saving her life. I looked up the article and I have posted it in the footnotes. (1)
I had many experiences like this growing up. It was as though the weight of the world was bearing squarely on my shoulders. I asked for help and I was given a teacher to help to train me on how to do the most good, when called to these disasters, and how to keep from having it rule my waking days.
It did take years to achieve this. The night time work is intense and has always been a major part of my mission here on the planet, and it has evolved and changed over the years. At first I was to learn how to transmute the pain caused by events set in motion by the actions of human beings took, that shook the balance of the Planet. What I mean by this is that every choice and every action that we take has a ripple that goes out into the world. And it can result in things that don’t seem to be directly responsible for lets say- a train derailment- but it does. Everything is linked and for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. I intend to write more about this in the future.
My Night Work has definitely evolved over the years and after my Walk-In experience I was trained by the Galactics in many different skills in the Dream time- including time travel. The training has been very intense at times and I have had to graduate many levels to be brought into the work I am currently involved in.
This brings me to the now. These days I am available to the Galactic and Angelic realms for what ever is needed. Recently I have been assisting with the Containments that are being talked about. I was approached by the Galactic Federation of Light and asked to take on a task that only a human representative could do.
Because this is still a free-will planet, the Galactic and Angelics need to have a human involved with the ’rounding up’ of the Cabal and Illuminati. As a Dream Walker and Walk-In, I have a unique gift of being able to ‘track’ souls in the astral. The Cabal and Illuminati knew that something was coming down the pipeline and started to scatter to the winds using all means available to try and ‘cloak’ themselves. Some have physically dissapeard, resigning from their jobs and hiding in remote areas in the world, in attempts to hide from the Galactics and Angelics. Others had implored techniques to try and hide their energy signatures in attempt to escape them.
Regardless of what tactics they have used, there has been the involvement of persons such as myself to help ‘track’ some of the worst of the worst. This work has been going on for several weeks now. In fact it started just before Drake’s call to the people to take matters into their own hands. That could not be allowed, so there was a call put out to all available souls to help in the matter of Containment.
Yes- I said Containment. Because that is how the Galactics and Angelics have chosen to deal with those who have abused their power. The Cabal and Illuminati have a lot to answer for, but it will not be done in the way that we all thought it might be done.
If we were to ‘take arms’ to arrest and imprison these people, we would be no better than them. We would be operating in the third dimension duality and this is not what the Galactics and Angelics want us to do. We have to rise above the duality of this third dimension and create new and better ways to deal with our selves and the world we live in. We have for thousands of years operated out of fear and retribution. To make the shift we need to be able to manifest a new and truly powerful way to remove the old agenda and replace it with a balanced and loving system.
Let me explain what I mean by Containment as I understand and have witnessed. When tracking down these souls, we would inform the Galactics of where the people were, and then they would take that person on ship and sit them down and have a good stern talking to these people. They were told that their behavior would no longer be acceptable and that they were given the choice to continue to operate on the third dimension, but the rules had changed for them. If they took any action against the planet or the people what wasn’t in the highest light- they would suffer the immediate consequence of that action.
How I can describe it is this. Imagine a soul that is put into a container of light. The soul is still in the body, but it is under house arrest. Every thought and action that person has is being watched. If the person acts against any other person or the planet in a way that is not in the light- an immediate and powerful response is felt by that person. It is liken to a shock. It is the warning.
It is immediately fallowed with an intense beam of Love. That love penetrates the very fiber of the person in the Containment. Each person in Containment is also given an Angelic guide to assist with the ‘rehabilitation’. Yes- every person is given the chance to rehabilitate. It is Universal law. But, if the person continues to act agains the agreement, choosing negative thoughts and actions, then the person’s soul will be removed and put into confinement on board ship and watched after by the Galactics until the Shift has been completed.
Each person is warned a head of time that there will be swift consequences to their actions and that they will be monitored constantly. There are, of course the Darkest of the Dark. Souls so dark and contaminated that they were tracked and removed immediately. These are the Souls so contaminated by eons of abuse to the planet and people that they, along with the negative ET’s that had been assisting them, were all removed immediately. This was done during the great cleanse- when the underground bases of these negative ET’s were destroyed, several months ago.
Unfortunately the souls that were immediately removed will be ‘reset’. A soul cannot be destroyed. But after a certain amount of time- if they continuously demonstrate that they are intent to do harm instead of good- the searing white light of God is brought down by Arch Angel Michael, and they are sent back to the beginning, to start their souls journey all over again. Reset back to the start. Made to work their way back up to the third dimension. I don’t know about you – but that sounds awful to me. It is a true balancing so that no one soul has to harbor the karma of retribution taken against the dark souls.
I understand that this is a tough idea to get your head around. It is in our nature to take retribution against people who have wrong us. But that is an old model of thinking. In doing so, we damage our own light, and are then unable to ascend to the 5th dimension. There is a great balancer in the universe. Remember, we all chose to come here to the quarantine planet to learn and to grow our souls. So, we have just as much responsibility to this experience as they do. We said yes to coming here, with all that it entails.
There is another aspect to the Containment. It is a very touchy one indeed. The Containment is not only for the Cabal and Illuminati, but for any person who has abused the responsibility given to them with regards to serving Humanity. This means the Light workers of the Planet are also put into the Containment if they have abused their authority. Anyone that has a role in leading, teaching, or helping people- if they have in anyway abused that power, they will be put into Confinement and be given the chance to be rehabilitated. Reminded of the love and humility they are required to bear with regards to leading or teaching people.
We do not need to soil our hands to bring real change. We do not need to make people pay for their crimes- however small or large. Let those who have been given the task of rounding up these souls do just that. Let the bringers of Universal Law do their jobs and be glad that you do not have to interact at that level. We are all here to play critical rolls in the unfoldment of this beautiful story. Let your story stay beautiful. Stay in the light and love fiercely. Create the world you want to live in and let the old one die away.
It is on us to keep our integrity in place, or put it in if we do not have any. We are all here to learn and to grow. We do not need to be vigilantes. We have only to look deep within our own hearts and try and be a better person each day. Love more, fear less. Know that we are not alone. We are fully supported in the great shift in this great time. Let us create the world to be a great place of love and light. Who is with me?

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Walk-Ins – What Are They? Why Are They Here?

Over the past two years I’ve been approached by many people looking to understand what a Walk-In truly is. There are many people in the world that don’t know that they even exist.
It’s a relatively new phenomenon, especially the new types of Walk-Ins that are showing up here on the planet. I admit that even though I am a Shaman, Intuitive and Medium – I too did not know, or could even grasp the concept of a Walk-In, until one day I found myself faced with making that choice.
What is a Walk-In?
For some clarification let’s first distinguish what a Walk-In is. A Walk-In is the exchange, in part or in whole, the souls of two beings within the same body whereby the soul of the current (human) being is either exchanged with the soul of another, or is present in conjunction with another being in the same body.
Before beginning with the original or Replacement Walk- In, we should cover the rules. First and foremost there will never be any negative energy or lower-evolved Soul allowed to come into a previously-inhabited body. So any aspect of the Walk-In experience is covered by this cardinal rule.
The Replacement Walk-In comes when the soul of the person has fulfilled its mission and there’s an opportunity for the soul of another being to ‘walk-into’ the body of the soul departing. This is where the term “Walk-In” originated.
This is a pre-arranged agreement by both parties prior to the incarnation of that person. In some cases, it’s not a pre-arranged agreement, as is seen when a person endures a major illness or accident.
When death is imminent or has occurred, the person is brought by the Guardians, into a holding room and given choices. Among those choices is the Walk-In experience. With the Replacement Walk-in choice, the person leaves completely and allows the incoming Soul to complete a mission or task that has to do with the evolution of the planet. This is a choice presented to the person and the incoming Soul that is given the opportunity to carry on within the person’s body.
The second Walk-In experience is the Oversoul Walk-In, in which the higher soul of a person is integrating in a much grander way with the Human vessel. We’re but a glimmer, almost a holographic representation of our Higher Soul down here in the Third Dimension. With the limitations of the Third Dimension we cannot fit or carry the entire essence that is our Higher Self into ourselves. In these cases, a person can feel at first that they are having an integration experience of an extraterrestrial or other-worldly Soul, but after the integration experience itself, one comes to understand that they are physically carrying a greater aspect of themselves, now here to carry out very important missions on the planet.
The third Walk-In experience is the Braided Walk-In experience. This is the most complicated and potentially dangerous for the two Souls, of the three instances of Walk-Ins. This is where two Souls are able to co-habit in one body. There’s a great deal of work needed to upgrade the Human body to allow the higher-evolved consciousness of a Being outside the Third Dimension to enter into the body of the human. It also takes the intense and rigorous training of both Souls to learn how to co- habit with out harming the other. It’s a potentially long and arduous integration process and both parties have to be highly trained before attempting such an integration.
I know it seems complicated and even dangerous, but rest assured, there are guardians present making sure that there are no negative souls or spirits ‘jumping’ into bodies of people without permission. I think that this is what lies at the heart of the fear that some people have with regards to this somewhat new idea of an exchange of souls in one body.
But rest assured, no such things are allowed to happen.We have a short period of time left before the shift, and the most kind and loving souls are the ones volunteering to take the place of an outgoing soul, to assist in this great time of transformation. It’s one of the great Balancers that have been put in place. To truly understand the sacrifice these Souls are making we need to cover the different levels of Volunteers.
History of the Volunteers
Many different levels of Volunteers have been allowed to interact with the human race to ensure the Ascension of the planet and all her inhabitants. First, there were the Channels, human beings so connected to the light that they brought messages from many sources ranging from Extraterrestrials to Ascended Masters to Angels and even God. Their mission, in the beginning, was to bring you the much-needed information to prepare for the Ascension.
As the time of Ascension raced towards us, and the people were not waking up fast enough, another level of Volunteers were sent – they’re called Starseeds, beings that have already evolved past the Third Dimension, but out of their love for Humanity, volunteered to be born back into the Third Dimension and into a body, to be able to physically ground the energies needed to wake people up ‘from the inside out’.
Because our Galactic Brothers and Sisters along with the Angelic realm cannot directly interfere, there had to be a crafty solution to the desperate need to wake us up ‘from the inside’. So these Starseeds came here, not really fitting into the normalcy the majority of the planet experiences.
They knew themselves to be different, but they came awake themselves at different times as to fulfill many rolls to help prepare Humanity for the Shift. After some time it was obvious that there was still a need for more Volunteers to come to the planet.
We started to run out of time and it was starting to be serious, so serious action was needed. There was a plan devised to send more Volunteers to the Planet by making available the opportunity for souls to leave and let others come down to carry out missions, thus the Walk-In wave of volunteers came into being.
My Choice: Braided Walk-In
My experience falls under the “Braided Walk-Ins”. I firstly was a Starseed from birth, picking the bloodline and family I would be born into. I came into this world with a great deal of consciousness.
I had many gifts from the moment I arrived which I maintained while being here on the planet. I was born to a Cherokee Medicine line and had the gift of sight. I had prophetic Dreams and Clairvoyance. I saw through the veils, so I could see Spirits and Angels. I also carried a large portion of memory of why I was here and I developed my gifts and steadied myself on this earth existence.
I chose a situation to be born into that had an involvement with the Military and the hybrid experiments they were involved with, so I could later shed light on what had been happening to people on the planet in violation of free will.
I grew to have a strong idea of why I was here and my strength as a healer was improving rapidly. Until one day I suffered multiple massive strokes. I was not supposed to survive them. I was not supposed to recover from them. And at the moment I was to die I was approached by the Guardians, and I was given the opportunity to complete my mission here on the planet.
I was given the opportunity to accept a Walk-In. In exchange for this, I would have my body healed. While in the Great White Hall, I was shown what would be result of every choice I had, and I was faced with three choices.
The first, was the choice to die and relinquish my body and my mission here on the planet. The second was to let another soul come into my body, replacing my soul, to help the planet at this great time of change.
The third and final option was to accept an Integration with an Extraterrestrial Being, co- habit in the same body and be able to fulfill my mission. There was a warning; the integration process for a Braided Walk-In would be risky for both myself and the Being attempting to come in.
If successful, my body would be healed, and I would have a tremendous expansion of my consciousness and I would be able to see through to the end my purpose here on the Planet. Well, needless to say, that after all I had endured to come to the planet and be born into a human Third Dimensional body, I wasn’t going to give up that easy. So I chose the Integration, and all that has come out of it.
The process was long and arduous. It was very difficult for myself and the Extraterrestrial Being that chose this path with me. But I’m happy to say that we both are here, and we are doing very well.
I am happy to announce that I will be posting regularly to the 2012 Scenario blog site with more Walk-In experiences and more poiently my ongoing personal Night Time Work as a Braided Walk-In. Thank you, it is a deep and profound honor to be a part of this 2012 Scenario Blog site.