Thursday, November 1, 2012

Commander Ananda: When Gaia Put Out the Call, I Came

Here is an excerpt from a talk by Commander Ananda, who is Sierra Neblina’s braided walk-in. It was given on Nov. 1, 2012 at the second Sedona Conference.

… Mine was a very large ship and we travelled around servicing the galaxy. I have a very strong connection to Gaia and when Gaia put out the distress call I responded.
When Gaia put out the call, I chose to come down into the planet. I entered into a small pod [with others] and down the chute I went, speeding toward the planet Earth. When we got to a certain point we left our body and become light – all these forms that I was with – and we looked at each other and said – you and you and you – we are going to meet up on the planet and then we looked down on the planet and decided which family we’re going to be born into.
I came to expose the hybridization program on this planet. I was looking for a native American DNA bloodline to be born into because I needed to be born remembering certain codes from birth, remembering what my mission was from day one.
I now stand in this physical body of Sierra’s, as part human and part galactic. You probably don’t understand that you are coming across us every day. I chose a mother who underwent months and months of abduction – not only by the government but by the Pleiadians, the Sirians, the government – and I honor her to this day for what she chose to manage.
The childhood I grew up in was very fractured. It was something I foresaw before I came down to the planet to burn off karma so I would not be stuck on the planet. I was in the temple of Isis, [he mentions another place which I could not type fast enough to catch], I was there with the native Americans when they were overcome by the United States military.
There were a lot of people on the planet who were used to perpetuate the hybridization program of the Zetas and the government. There are those of us and you who are still struggling with their experiences and that is why I have asked Sierra to put together this program of TWIN [The Walk-in Network] – one small aspect of some of the work that Sierra accomplishes on the planet.
A lot of her abilities were specifically engineered to be activated while she was still in the womb. Therefore her astral travel and dream work was extensive. Every time there was a major disaster that triggered why she was here, to help stave off the major Earth changes we foresaw, she would be there and she has undergone extensive changes in her body.
In a moment I will be leaving you and allowing Sierra to continue this talk. I am becoming a drain on her physically so I will be leaving her soon so that she can continue to talk about what is most critical for you to know about her work on this planet.